Celebrating the Unity of the Spiritual World and the Physical World!

Welcome to
Utopia Spiritual Unity.

We are an Independent Spiritual organisation in South Wales.
At Utopia everyone is treated as equal, we don`t believe anyone is better than anyone else.
We respect the "Spiritual Unity" between Spirit Guides and their Mediums, and the Spirit world and Physical world in general.

We have our own Spiritual Churches in Glynneath, Fridays at 7.30pm and in Neath on Mondays at 7.15pm.
We also hope to reintroduce our popular development classes and paranormal club soon.

Here you will be able to find out how to join us and what we have to offer you, including paranormal investigations, trance channellings,
rescue/clearances, plus future workshops, mind, body & spirit, holistic & crafts fairs and much more,
as well as being able to keep up to date with our Founder/President Karen Owens and where you can see her working.

Thank You for visiting, we hope you will enjoy your stay!

IMPORTANT NOTICE  The Utopia Guides are aware of scammers attempting to trick us into taking out advertising and "sponsorship" for fake publications and campaigns by claiming we have previously agreed to it, and have put in place protective barriers and a clamp down on how we advertise from now on. Please note, if we receive any "draft" copies of fake publications with extremely poor quality examples of "Artwork" we aparently agreed to - which contain copyright material stolen from our website and an "Invoice" demanding payment, be assured details will be passed on to the local police in the area it came from and the fraud department for them to deal with, as has been done several times already. Due to this unfortunate situation, we no longer conduct any advertising or other business over the phone or internet with anyone that contacts us,
if we wish to advertise in any publications or sponsor any charity or campaign, we will contact them directly ourselves to arrange it. We are a non profit organisation not a business, working for spirit not money - our churches depend on volunteers helping out and even our own founder/president works within Utopia as a volunteer. We do not receive any outside income or financial aid and any proceeds from the churches, readings, events etc are put back into keeping the churches and other services up and running. Any extremely rare "spare" money we would rather give to a genuine charity or cause and not line the pockets of greedy criminals with it. Thank you.
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Utopia Spiritual Unity

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